Smash Book Harry Potter Studios Page 2

Smash Book Process #5 – Harry Potter Studios…

Harry Potter Studio Tour pages continued…

I took a ridiculous amount of photo’s when I went to the Warner Bros. Studios so of course it needs more than one page in my Smash book. I collaged my photos together using the PicFrame App on my iPhone and had them printed at Boots in their Photo Centre. I’ve found this to be a really affordable way of printing photos. They still get printed on 6×4″ photo paper but I get more photos for my money – plus those smaller sizes are perfect for my Smash book. Smash Book page from

You can see in the photo above that my main element on the page, other than my photos was the receipt.

Part of the reason I love my Smash book so much is that there are no rules – and no pressure. Sure, I like it to look nice, so that in a couple of months or years I’ll open my book and see all the pretty things I saved. But I like that I can just stick in a random receipt from the place the photo’s were taken, even if i know that the ink will probably fade and I won’t have a clue what the receipt was for!

So on this page I used my photos, a bit of washi tape, my Tim Holtz sticker (that I love ❤️), and some of my own doodling and journalling of course.

To see my full process of putting this page together, click the video below 🙂 

I hope you enjoy watching (and reading) as much as love filming and writing. You will also find if you keep on scrolling my (minimal) supply list, complete with links to where you can get a hold of the stuff if you should wish to that is!



Told you it was limited 😋


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