Polly's Papercrafts Smash Book Penguin Page Close Up

Smash Book Process #9

Penguins! 🐧 I love them!

And my lovely big brother and his girlfriend (also called Emma) bought me an experience day to go and feed them!

I was so excited when I opened my Christmas present this year, feeding penguins! Come on, that is an EPIC present, right? Well, I thought so. In February this year, I went to Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water here in the UK and got into the enclosure with the King and Humboldt penguins. All I can say is…CUTE!

There was a baby King penguin in his own little pen because he still had his baby feathers and wasn’t waterproof. I was stood in with him and whilst I was trying to feed the others, he was following me around. If I stood in one place too long he would sit on my feet….I know right, CUTE! However, this was very distracting because while I was meant to be feeding all of the adults all I really wanted to do was have a chat to the baby. Who wouldn’t?

Anyway, back to my Smash book…

My outing with the penguins was going to be smashed (so to speak) so I collaged my photos together in a cost and space saving move, using the PicFrame app on my iPhone. I also knew I wanted to include my certificate from the day.

Polly's Papercrafts Smash Book Penguin Page Close UpI was rooting around in my Smash box (where I keep all the bits and pieces I want to smash) and found in amongst various things a pack of rub-ons that I got from SeaWorld, FL years ago! I did wonder whether they would be any good to use, as I know some people have difficulty with rub-ons the older they are. But, happily, I was really impressed. You can see in the photo above that the title of my page is “Penguin Encounter” with 2 penguins either side. They are rub-ons. And the little penguin in the circle layered on top of the doily (Hobbycraft by the way) – well he’s a rub-on too.

I put my photos into the last Smash Pocket I had, as I was working on my last page. Problem was it was green. I don’t like green. So you can see below I covered the majority of the pocket up with my 2 3×4″ photos but left them attached as a 6×4″. Then covered the rest up with the doily. Genius – if I don’t say so myself!

Then I had space below the pocket so I thought I would use up some more of those penguin rub-ons (when else would I use them?) and created my own little scene. That then left the perfect little space for my journalling and a date with my Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Roller Date Stamp. Job done!Polly's Papercrafts Smash Book Penguin Page Close Up 2

Well, thanks for reading guys and if what you’ve read seems like a load of waffle, then please check out my process video below, where hopefully its a lot clearer!



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