Completed Smash Book!

Hi! If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I have been adding to my Smash Book for a while now…

Well, I have finally filled it!

I have been adding to my K&Company Smash Book ever since my 21st birthday, and have used it more like a scrapbook than a catch-all smash book. I know some people use theirs for tickets, pretty leaflets, business card etc. that they liked enough to keep. Which is great, and watching their videos on YouTube is great. However, I alway knew I wanted to use mine as a relaxed scrapbook.

So for just under 2 years I have been using my Smash Book to record and document events that have happened. From birthdays to Christmas, to parties, outings and holidays, its all in there and I have loved every bit of it. Surprisingly, one of the parts I have enjoyed the most has been journalling about these events. I say surprisingly because I never used to be one to write about myself, I could never remain consistent with diaries and such. However, here I am journalling in my Smash book and writing to you!


I filmed a video of a flip thru of all the pages of my Smash book as there are many that I completed before I started to film my process. So I hope you enjoy…



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