La De Dah Creativ journal by Grant Studios

Moving On from my Smash Book!

If you have been following my blog or YouTube channel, you will know I have completed (finally!) my Smash Book by K&Company so, where to next?

Well, my lovely, lovely friend Laura bought me the La De Dah journal from Hobbycraft a while ago.

I knew that I would start to fill my new journal when I had completed my Smash Book. I’m not one for having multiple projects unfinished – I just can’t do it. I have to fill a notebook before cracking open the cover of the next one, I’m just that kind of person.

So Smash Book completed, I pulled out my La De Dah Journal which is made by Grant Studios. The style I have I believe is called Creativ (without the ‘e’ ) and it has a gorgeous orange fabric spine with an embossed pattern on the covers.

I love it! Even more than my Smash book…

And with some very good reasons. Don’t get me wrong I have loved filling up my Smash Book, but I think there are a few vital flaws with it. The main one being the binding coil! It’s just too small. Once you’ve started filling it with all the fab things you’ve collected it just gets too bulky. However the La De Dah’s binding is lovely! For a start it lies flat on the table so you can work on pages easily, and the main thing is that the coil opens so you can take pages out! (See my video linked below for a clearer idea of this). This is one of the main reasons I am loving the La De Dah journal. I can take pages out and work on them and write on them without the binding getting in the way! Perfect!

Another feature of the La De Dah journal is that it has some photo pocket pages included. As far as I can tell my journal already has 2 pages of 4 6″x4″ photo pockets which is great! I’ve already used mine for a postcard and cut down card and pattered paper to make my own ‘Project Life’ style cards to display photos.

There are many more fab features to the La De Dah journal which I talk about and (hopefully!) explain fully in my video below, so I encourage you to check that out. Thanks for reading!



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