Close up of Confetti Circle paper from PinkFresh Studios

“Happy Little Thing” Scrapbook Layout

Sifting through some old family photos and I came across a cute photo of me when I was about 2.

You know how some parents tell their children that when they hear the ice cream van music it actually means that the ice cream man has ran out? Well, my parents did something along the same lines but in relation to taking photos.

From an early age I was told that whenever I saw a camera, I needed to smile and say “Cheese!”. Which of course I did, being a trusting toddler. In fact, we even have old home videos of my face in the camera just repeatedly saying “Cheese!” thinking it was a still photo. 😊

Obviously, had my mum been a scrapbooker, that would have been perfect. So many smiley photos from a willing child to scrap! 😋 Which is why, when I stumbled upon this gem of a photo I knew I wanted to scrap it, and also knew that the Confetti Circle paper from PinkFresh Studios would be perfect with the soft pink of the background.

Take a look…

Close up of the Happy Little Thing title

I used the PinkFresh Studios foam word stickers for the ‘Happy’ and ‘Thing’ in the title, whereas the ‘Little’ is the PinkFresh Studios alpha stickers in a pale, peachy pink. I also made use of the PinkFresh Studio Wood Veneer stickers, but coloured them with Spun Sugar and Picked Raspberry Distress Ink.

Close up of Confetti Circle paper from PinkFresh Studios

In the above photo you can see the gorgeous soft pink colour of that Confetti Circle patterned paper. I had cut the full 12×12″ sheet in half and mounted that on white cardstock using a strip of Crate Paper Oh Darling vellum to bridge the gap between the two so the contrast wasn’t so harsh.

Full layout of Happy Little Thing

If you would like to see the video of my process of putting this page together, then the YouTube video will be linked below! Thanks for reading!


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