Planner Update!

IMG_0193I’m a pretty planner! Are you?

At the beginning of this year I purchased the Life Designer Planner in a bid to get me organised with work, life and YouTube. And you know what, it’s kinda worked! (A miracle for me, I assure you!)

When I first received this little gem I did an Unboxing and First Impressions Video which you can find here if you missed it. I go into detail about the pages and what’s included within the planner.


There are a few reason’s I chose the Life Designer:

  1. It’s made right here in the UK. It’s a brand new company, this planner is their very first (very impressive it is too!) and it’s run by a lovely lady called Lyndsay.
  2. It’s greyscale. Weird reason I know! But I liked that I could customise each page to whatever colours I wanted to without being dictated to by a pre-designed colour scheme. (Something which I think the likes of Erin Condren has realised given her new theme options!)
  3. It has a lovely hard cover. Though my planner doesn’t move from my desk, I like the sturdiness and the feel of a chipboard cover as opposed to a piece of laminated cardstock.

Through actually using the planner over the last 6 months I’ve come to realise I made an excellent choice, if I don’t say so myself! I love it!


I love the space available to write.  I love the stickers included in the back.  I love the durability of the rings and covers. BUT...most of all….I LOVE the quality of the paper.  I use Papermate Flair pens in my planner which are effectively a felt tip – zero bleed through, not one bit, not even a shadow. AND! I regularly use watercolour in there too, absolutely no problem at all.

In terms of stickers, I think the boxes are slightly shorter than that of the Erin Condren but that really doesn’t bother me.

For more detail about how I use the different sections of the planner and a full update as to how I’m getting on, check out my Planner Update video below or head over to my YouTube channel 🙂

And even better, Life Designer currently has a 50% off code over on their Instagram page – bargain!

Until next time!

Much love, 

Emma x


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