Scrapbook Haul | Amazon

Hey Lovelies,

I don’t very often do hauls, because lets face it I don’t very often buy things other than my monthly kit (and for that I do an unboxing video on my YouTube channel)

But I was very lucky and received a gift card for Amazon and so I thought I could finally buy some of the things I have had on my WishList forever! 🙂

Here we go:

blog haul numbered.jpg

Images of the products are from the Amazon listings.

  1. Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours – Man oh man!  I have had these on my WishList forever and a day and I finally caved and clicked buy. I’m so glad I did too. The colours are nothing short of exquisite, so rich and creamy and so highly pigmented.
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke Soft pen – I have been practising my trust lettering/calligraphy/typography/whatever-you-want-to-call-it and a pen that ia always highly recommended (by those that are good at it) is this Fudenosuke Soft pen. The nib is flexible so it allows you to get the thick and thin lines you need.
  3. Set of 12 paintbrushes – I needed some new paintbrushes, ya know, for my new fancy watercolours 🙂 and these looked very similar to a couple I’d picked up in Hobbycraft. I gave them a go and I’m not disappointed. It is a set of 12 round brushes from size 1 to 12. The bristles are lovely and soft and feel good to paint with (not that I’m an expert of course!)
  4. Pentel Aquash Brushes Set of 3 – In this set I got the Fine, Medium and Broad tipped water brushes which are just fab. You fill the barrel of the brush with water and you can take it on the go. I did have 1 Medium tipped one but I kinda ruined so needed some new ones, so so happy with these.
  5. Mixing Palette – Totally boring but totally necessary, I wanted a separate mixing palette for watercolours and other paint. I tend to use old product packaging to mix texture paste as I can just throw those away. This was really cheap and does the job!
  6. Mint Scissors – These minty scissors are from American Crafts and are part of their Desktop Essentials range. I would be lying if I said the colour had nothing to do with the purchase but I did actually buy them because I don’t have any precision tip scissors (the colour is a bonus!)
  7. Tombow Black Brush pen – The reasons for this one are pretty much the same as Number 2 and it works great for lettering. I’d love more, but they’re pretty expensive to get in the UK.


That’s pretty much it for this haul, I do still have some money left on that gift card and I’m keeping an eye out for a good trimmer. If you have any recommendations they would be gratefully received! 🙂

Check out the haul video below, if you’d like to see the products in more detail.

Until next time…

Emma x

**The links provided for the products are NOT affiliate links, they are just there for your convenience so you can see exactly which products I bought. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**



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