Inspiration Station #4

Hi Lovelies!

Okay, so heres the fourth instalment of Inspiration Station,  if you’ve missed any we have covered Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook Groups. This time we’re talking Podcasts.

“What is a Podcast?” you ask me quizzically. Well, basically a podcast is an audio show that is recorded and then put out for us to listen to – not the official description but thats it in a nutshell.

Next, how to listen to a podcast – well if you have an iPhone there should be the Podcast app already installed on your phone, the icon looks like this:


If you’re on Android, I’ll admit I’m unsure as I don’t own an Android phone but a little bit of Google searching tells me that the Google Play Music app is free and supports Podcasts – yay!

Ok the good stuff, which crafty podcasts to listen to!

First up, my personal fave, The Scrap Gals.


The Scrap Gals are Tiffany and Tracie and they are just amazing! They are 2 friends who love the hobby and love to talk about it. They are both warm and funny and bounce off each other as only best friends can. The podcast comes out weekly and they have over 141(!!!) episodes to date – incredible right! Not only do they have a wide range of topics to talk about, but they also have guests on the show too.

Each episode is usually about an hour, or if the topic provokes a lot of discussion they sometime carry it across 2 episodes. I usually tend to listen in the car on the way home from work (that way I don’t mind the traffic so much!). The only downside to this podcast is that I usually have so much I want to say to join in the discussion but I forget by the time I get to the Facebook group! XD It really is like listening to your friends have a chat 🙂 Definitely worth a listen!

Next up, also created by Tracie (of The Scrap Gals) is Live Inspired. 


I find Live Inspired totally fascinating. In this podcast, Tracie interviews and talks to people about whats its like to be working in the creative industry. In this series of blog posts I’ve been looking at sources we can use to inspire us, Tracie talks to business owners, success bloggers and designers to talk to them about “when your life is to inspire others, how do you live inspired?” I find it so interesting to listen to and its definitely a great way to pick up tips about where and how to find inspiration!

And finally, How She Creates Podcast.


How She Creates is a newer podcast, brought to you by Caylee Grey and Lauren Hooper who also created Get Messy Art Journalling. Together they talk to lots of different people, not necessarily scrapbookers, but artists, bloggers, art journallers, graphic designers etc about everything to do with art. It’s so interesting to hear so many different perspectives on what is ‘art’? I think so many of us believe that what we create cannot possibly be termed as ‘art’, that word is reserved for Picasso and Van Gogh and the like, right? No! Not according to How She Creates. Art can be anything you create, from your journal where you just slap some paint down, to hand lettering and collage.

They have over 6 episodes so far and I am loving them! They are very good about sharing online via Instagram too, so go check out the feed!


Well lovelies, they are my faves (until recently Paperclipping Roundtable was in there too but they’re not recording anymore, I think older podcasts are still there for the time being though, so might be worth a listen.)

I hope, if you are new to Podcasts, I have introduced you to some you will really love! ❤

Until next time,

Emma x



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