Mid-Year Round Up

Hello lovely, 

Good intentions count, right? Even if the follow through is a bit dodge. 

I had meant to write and post this in June, you know middle of the year and all that jazz, I hadn’t posted for a while and I thought it might be quite nice to check in. 

Then BOOM! Suddenly its July, Wimbledon has started, school’s are ready for summer and this post was still non-existent – sorry lovely, my apologies, I’m here now. 


Firstly, if you’re in the UK can I just get a “Say what?!” for how HOT it has been lately? Almost unbearably so, but we shouldn’t moan because its England and the majority of the time its raining! The above photo is one I took when me and my lovely Mum went shopping for some plants to brighten the garden – just look at that colour!

OK, let’s round up, what’s new, what’s not and what’s coming up:

    1. What’s new? Well I have recently collaborated with my lovely friend Trish who is Sew Made With Love on Etsy. She has sewn some fabulous tote bags and I have hand painted a design on them. Fun right!IMG_2076
    2. Also New: I have changed job. I no longer work in a school as a TA, I had decided I didn’t want to train to be a teacher so figured I should probably start looking for a new career path. Problem is…I don’t quite know what I want to do! So for now, I’m a supervisor in a shop. 
    3. Carrying on with New: This month I am taking part in The Reset Girl’s Camp Reset which is all about making sure there is time in your schedule to look after YOU! I am hoping I will stick with it throughout the month as I think it could be really beneficial. The Camp is totally free, yes free!, and Cori has created tonnes of content to use including printables as well as kits that can be purchased. It’s not too late to join either, so if you want to you can click the link (or photo below) and sign up and get started! 🙂 FullSizeRender 4
    4. Not New but Still Happening: As I have previously posted, I am on the UK Scrap Addicts design team and there is a lot going on over there. There are blog posts pretty much daily, videos weekly and month-long challenges (so loads of time to join in). We’ve got sponsors and prizes and all the fun stuff. This month’s sponsor is Bramble Fox who make fabulous flair and perspex words and shapes. Go check it all out at UK Scrap Addicts
    5. Also Still Happening: My YouTube channel! At the moment I’m posting at least 1 video per week and usually on a Tuesday. Then, of course, I have a video a month on the UK Scrap Addicts channel too. I’m doing a bit of a mix of things on my channel, I’ve been working on my Barcelona album so there are some pocket page videos on there, as well as some Traveler’s Notebook processes too! IMG_2151
    6. What’s Coming Up: Well, honest answer is…I’m not quite sure. There are always ideas floating around this head of mine, but so far nothing is really sticking. Maybe, like good coffee, they need a bit more time to percolate. But I’ll let you know when something good turns up! 

Well lovelies, that’s all from me for now. Until next time…

Emma x


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