UKSA Blog Hop – Scrapping with Scraps

We all have them. Leftovers. Scraps of paper. Odd embellishments. What to do? For this post, I have created an 8.5" x 11" page using only my scraps (by that I mean, I haven't used any full 12x12 papers). Here's the page: Everything on this page was a scrap of paper - including, would you … Continue reading UKSA Blog Hop – Scrapping with Scraps


Mid-Year Round Up

Hello lovely,  Good intentions count, right? Even if the follow through is a bit dodge.  I had meant to write and post this in June, you know middle of the year and all that jazz, I hadn't posted for a while and I thought it might be quite nice to check in.  Then BOOM! Suddenly … Continue reading Mid-Year Round Up

Get Quilted! : Hidden Garden pattern

Hello, you beautiful bunch! I have been on holibobs for a week so I kinda skipped last week's Get Quilted, but of course, I come to write the blog post for the latest one and realise I totally forgot to blog number 3! Shock horror! So here's a little look at that one... This one … Continue reading Get Quilted! : Hidden Garden pattern

Something a bit exciting…

I've got a bit of news I'm rather excited about! As you know I live in the UK. Good ol' Blighty - lovely, yes! Albeit very windy today (Damn you Doris!) But as fabulous as we are, we are lagging a little behind in the scrappy stakes! Or are we...? Enter UK Scrap Addicts... Committed … Continue reading Something a bit exciting…

Get Quilted!: iHeart Chevrons pattern

Hi! Welcome to the second episode of Get Quilted. This time I'm using an awesome pattern, again - found on Pinterest - called iHeart Chevrons. I loved the way this one used lots of different patterns but your eye is still drawn to the gorgeous little heart in the middle of the page.

Get Quilted! + A Challenge…

Well, hello there! You have picked a very good day to hop over to my blog because I have started a new series on my YouTube channel called - you guessed it! - Get Quilted! Get Quilted! is all about taking inspiration from quilting patterns and transferring that into paper craft, or more specifically, scrapbooking. … Continue reading Get Quilted! + A Challenge…

A Completed December Album?!

Yes! You read that right! This year, by January 30th 2017, I had finished my December/Christmas Album.  It's first time it has happened, so if yours isn't finished this post is not intended to make you feel bad or behind or not caught up or any of those other feelings us scrapbookers have when we … Continue reading A Completed December Album?!

Inspiration Station #4

Hi Lovelies! Okay, so heres the fourth instalment of Inspiration Station,  if you've missed any we have covered Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook Groups. This time we're talking Podcasts. "What is a Podcast?" you ask me quizzically. Well, basically a podcast is an audio show that is recorded and then put out for us to listen to - … Continue reading Inspiration Station #4

Inspiration Station #3

Hey lovelies, Inspiration can come from all kinds of places, for me its mostly online places. For example, a great source of inspiration for me is different Facebook Groups. I am a part of quite a few different Facebook Groups which is great for a few reasons. Talking to people: It's great to be able … Continue reading Inspiration Station #3

Inspiration Station #2

Hey Lovely, Part 2 of Inspiration Station has just rolled in. In the last post I talked about how I hit Pinterest when in need of some ideas and I linked to a couple of my favourite Pinners. In this part, I'm talking YouTube. Sometimes just an image isn't enough to get the mojo flowing. … Continue reading Inspiration Station #2